Important Notice

DO NOT SEND ASSETS THE THE POOL ADDRESS. This will effectively donate your assets to the liquidity providers. You cannot recover these funds. You must interact with the pool’s contract directly.

Getting Started

Head over to to get started

Setting up your Proxy

If you haven't already make sure you setup a proxy contract. More details found here

Adding Liquidity

  • Find the pool for which you want to provide liquidity

  • Click [Add Liquidity]

  • Like trading, you’ll need to unlock tokens

  • As you add a quantity for one token, the other token value(s) will auto-populate based on the current pool rates

You can also add single assets however this will effectively sell assets to have the same weights. In the image above you can see that this pool has 50% sUSD and 50% USDC. If you added in a single asset of sUSD then Balancer will automatically sell 50% of your sUSDC and buy USDC with it

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